Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is faith taught or learned?

A lot of people have commented on my faith. To the point that I started digging in my life to figure out why. I think I believe that faith is something taught. I have not dug into the bible yet, but I am going to. Here are my thoughts.

Before we ever turn on a light switch, we have faith that it is going to turn the light on. We have known that since we were all young. We know that unless the light is burnt out, it will turn on. We have also come to know that if we put a key into the ignition, it is going to start the car or truck. Unless their is something technically wrong. There are so many more things like these in life that we have faith without having to think about the faith. We have also figured out with the people around us who we can and cannot trust. We figure this out at a very early age. We know who is going to do us right and wrong. If someone befriends us; what does that look like? They are always there for us to talk and listen. They make time for us. Friends are thoughtful. They help out in a time of need, and just to have a good time with. A good friend is truly hard to come by. We know this about our friends because they have proven their friendship by their actions and not just their words. They have proven their faithfulness to us. Therefore we have reason to have faith in them.

Now lets jump to our faith in God. We know what we read in the bible. Some say it is not true and others say they know that it is true. As christians we teach our kids from an early age what to believe in. We tell them all of the stories and teach them the way that the bible says to live. But in all reality those are all just words in a book unless we give them meaning. We see so many adults not serving God; why? I think it is because they know the words but don't experience the faith. They/we pray for all of the big things and demand them. Whether or not they are deserved, doesn't matter. We still expect change to happen. And when it doesn't we get angry with God.

I can't help but wonder if we teach faith in the little things of God, we will learn to trust in the big things of God.
1. Teaching how to ask for the small things in life. Like asking for a parking space. (hahahaha those of you that know me and make fun of me for this know that I get them) Or to open a space in traffic for us. How about when our kids can't find something; teaching them to pray for the Lord to help them find it?
2. Talking the Lord on a regular basis and listening to him on a regular basis. I do believe that God wants us to talk to him all day long. Not just when we need something.
Here is something I preached to myself in bed one night.
When we are married we have to talk to our spouse daily. We ask their advise. We don't just run out and spend money and make big decisions without talking to them first. We are a team. Therefore we are suppose to work as a team. The relationship doesn't just happen in the bedroom, it is all day long. The bedroom should be the climax to our relationship. Okay, now that I have gone to far for some of you.....
Our relationship with the Lord should be just the same. We should be talking to him all day long. Asking him for help and consulting with him. We should be having a daily devotion with him. That shouldn't make up all of our relationship him. That daily devotion time needs to be the climax of our relationship. God wants all of our relationship with him not just the 10 mins of devotion time.
3. Praying before reacting to anything. Any time something goes wrong or right, normally God is not on the tip of our tongue. What would happen if anytime we got news good or bad we prayed for the Lord to lead, guide and direct us in all we do and say?
The night of the accident the first thing I did was pray. I asked the Lord to lead, guide and direct me in all that I did and said. I can't help but believe he has helped me do just that. From the very moment until now I have felt his hands on my life.
We need to teach ourselves how to trust in the Lord. By trusting in the small things it enables us to trust in the big things.


  1. I think faith is learned (in part)...through our life experiences. The other something we don't have control of. God gives us faith. We can't have faith on our own, without God's help. Just my feelings...Tina B. :)

  2. It shows that you've taught that same faith to your kids. I still remember the time Caiden wanted to watch tv and he didn't know how to work the tv and you told him he had to figure it out. So he went in by the tv, grabbed the remote, and asked God to help him turn on the tv. So cute! Love you.