Friday, August 24, 2012


For the last four years I have seen God's hand upon all of us.  I have watched Him provide in so many ways, emotionally, and spiritually.  And for that I am forever grateful.  
Story #1 
God lead me to move churches.  I was scared to leave my comfort zone.  Upon starting a new church, Connor was entering the youth group, a large group at that.  All to find out that he will be under a youth pastor that worked with Scott.  Scott actually told me before he died, he wanted to go work under this great man (Jamie Bell).  I didn't know him and surely wasn't going to leave my comfort.  However, God knew I would need that conversation with Scott, to reassure me that I was in the right place.  Then to top it off... 
Scott had counseled a young man, after losing his brother.  At James River they have "small groups" or life groups.  Connor was put into a group.  All to find out, that young man was now a MAN and CONNORS LEADER! This story brought me to tears! Happy Tears!!  Knowing God had us right where we were suppose to be.

Story #2 of many HAPPENED TONIGHT!!!
At the beginning of last school year my kids were really begging me to homeschool.  Long story short, I told Caiden I was not going to do it.  If God had that for us, HE (Caiden) was going to have to pray that God would change my heart.   By the end of the year last year, while in bed.... GOD CALLED ME TO HOMESCHOOL my kids.  Are you kidding me?!!!! So I thought to myself... God has missed his calling to someone else and hit me.  Nope! He was calling ME!! I thought again, I must be glutton for punishment.  However, I have obviously obeyed.  We are homeschooling! AND LOVING IT!!! Hello MIRACLE!!!
Because we homeschool, my boys are able to play football on a homeschool league.  A really good team :)  I have questioned whether or not I was doing the right thing, because it is very expensive. I have watched my boys beam with happiness.  Especially Connor.  Everything Caiden does turns to gold.  He is a very gifted boy.  Connor has to work for it.  I tell them God has made them both differently and is teaching them both character qualities they are going to need later in life (another blog LOL).  SO... Tonight... GET READY TO CRY (I have) :)
They had their first Pep Rally and Grace was a mini cheerleader for them.  AMAZING!!! After the night was done, I went to talk to the coach.  I wanted to tell him how good he is doing with my boys.  Just the other day they told me that they LOVE THEIR LIVES! That in and of itself made me cry, a happy cry.  I was explaining to him all that they have been through and how this is amazing! God is so faithful.  I thanked him for all that he was doing! He really is an amazing Godly Coach! Then all of a sudden he looks at me and says, "O my gosh! Your husband was Scott Jett." I said yes. He then tells me that HE KNEW SCOTT!!!!!! Are you kidding me?  THIS is NOT a COINCIDENCE it is and was ORDAINED by an AMAZING GOD that is FAITHFUL!!!!!!!! 
God cares! God showed me that HE has us RIGHT where we are suppose to be!!!!!!!  He knew I needed this bit of information to ease my fears!!!!!!!!

I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God!  The amount of love he has for us is so far beyond what we could think or imagine!! These are only a few of the amazing stories.  I am so thankful for a God that really does go before us and meet our EVERY need.  Even the needs we don't think we need, like a coach that knew their dad! It's a need I didn't know I needed! But He did!! THANK YOU GOD!!!