Sunday, November 1, 2009

How it all started....

It was my Junior year of high school that I went to Central Bible College for college days. Man I thought I was "it". I was the cool one of the bunch. Or so I thought. hahaha While down there hanging out with a Bryan and staying with his girlfriend I came across this dorky man. ( I will never forget this night.) He was all dressed in camo gear. Which I thought was a little strange, but I went with it. There was a group of us. We all decided to go out to eat at Country Kitchen. While there, this guy dressed in camo decided that he was going to have everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to me. NOTE... It was not my birthday. I was mortified! I couldn't believe that these college age people were singing to me on a day that was not my birthday. However, I did find this camo guy a little funny. That was the first time that I meet Scott Jett. He use to talk about his first in counter with me a little different. He could remember my outfit and who I was talking to and where I was standing. Yep that was my man.
Lets jump two years later. I was the new kid on campus. I went to Central Bible College. There I felt like a kid in a candy store with guys. They were all new and most I had never meet. I didn't know or care if I had the time of day with them. I just knew that I was ready for a good year. I couldn't wait. One of my first classes was a history class. As soon as I walked in the room, the first face that I saw was Scott's. I can still remember all of the people sitting around me to this day. I sat right in front of him. At this point I didn't like him. I didn't really know him. It wasn't long before I started liking him. It started off with study dates and "just hanging out". But then... Through all of the craziness I FELL IN LOVE.
I remember thinking how amazing he was. How caring and thoughtful he was. He treated me like a PRINCESS. I knew that I had the fairy tale man. It wasn't long before the "I love you's" came. Then the day he asked me to marry him. All I could think about was the fairy tale love that I had. I couldn't believe that I found the man of my dreams at the age of 18. We married January 3 1998.
It was the start of the best and worst of times. No one told us how much you had to work at marriage. However we were in it for the long haul. We became youth pastors at a church in Louisiana. There we encountered our hardest time in marriage. We were not in a healthy church. Therefore it flowed into our marriage. We struggled very badly. However, I do think that we learned a lot about ourselves and the ministry that we wanted. It was there Scott decided to go back to school for his masters in Marriage and Family therapy. It was then that we moved to Kansas City to start our new journey.
Scott then started his masters and we started a new church. Our church was amazing. They helped us heal from our past ministry and move on to our new life of ministry. It was there we were under the most wonderful youth pastors ever Larry and Mary Crumply. Scott became his associate pastor. We started a drama group that traveled. O the days of Fine Arts. I still to this day miss those days. After Scott finished his masters we then moved to Springfield so that he could finish his practicum hours.
We moved on Scott's dream farm. It was there he got his horses, tractors and hunting dreams. He was so excited to start his dream of a Youth Ranch. He called it his training. Everything he was doing was training him for the days of having troubled youth on his farm. The stories that we have are priceless. I could laugh for hours just thinking of them. We were on the farm for 5 years. There were struggles to living on the farm. Due to those struggles Scott felt a release to move off. He bought me our brand new home in July of 2008. He kept telling me it was his gift to me. I never understood why it was not "our" home. He said it was my home. My gift from him. Now that he is gone. I get it. He may have not known what was to come. But God did and knew I would need that peace. During the time of our move he also started at Central Bible College. He was the new Youth Ministry Professor. He finally got the job of his dreams. He was on cloud 9. Nothing could bring him down from his cloud. I was so proud to call him my man.
It was 7 weeks after we moved into our new home that he got his new motorcycle. He was soooo pumped. I surprised him at his class with all of his safety gear to ride. He was so excited. He kept asking me how he got me as his wife. I just smiled. I was so in love with him, I wanted to get him the world.
It was September 12, 2008 that he rode his bike for the first time. He promised me he was going to go to the church near by to try it out. Well, he took it on the 2 lane hwy instead. It was there, 2 miles from my house that he had a head on collision with an oncoming car.


  1. Cori, thanks for sharing with us through this blog. It's such a wonderful way to get your feelings out and help us to understand your life better. I'm looking forward to hearing more.

  2. I'm so so glad you guys came back to Grandview for those few years. I know myself and several of the other youth learned more from you guys that any class could ever teach us! Thank you for taking the time to pour into us. And thank you for sharing this blog with us. Looking forward to more...