Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's time to seek God like Asa lead Judah to do!

In my time with the Lord today it was powerful! Here it is :) 2 Chronicles 14-15

Let me set the stage for you. Asa had just become King over Judah. Upon becoming King he did a little house cleaning. He got rid of all of the pagan altars and shrines. He smashed the sacred stone pillars and chopped down the sex-and religion groves. Again, he "cleaned house". He told the people to CENTER THEIR LIVES IN GOD (14:4) They needed to follow the law and the commandments. After Asa "cleaned house" his kingdom was at peace (vs 6). During their time of peace they decided to build up their defense system. They prepared their city for battle. In the midst of their peace they realized why they had peace; because they had sought God. He gave them rest from all troubles (vs. 7). Then out of now where the Ethiopians came warring against them. Asa went to God humbly asking him to help them in battle (vs 11). God did just that. He defeated the Ethiopians!

In our own lives we sometimes wonder why we aren't seeing favor with the Lord. I say today maybe we need to do a little house cleaning of our own. Dig deep and get rid of the junk that is holding us back from God. It is time that we CENTER OUR LIVES IN GOD! It is time for us to take our focus off of ourselves and back on HIM. Then we will see and feel His peace in our lives. And when we are in the midst of that peaceful mountain top; we NEED to prepare for the battles ahead. Such as a life tragedy. Or even just the craziness of life. Prepare! Dig deep into the word of God and seek Him like never before. Because just around the corner is going to be a bump in the road. It's the life that we live in. When we seek and prepare like Asa; God does the battle. We have to remind ourselves that when we truly surrender to God we don't have to worry about the battle. Because the battle is already won!

Chapter 15

God had spoke to Azariah; he was to go to Asa. He told Asa.... "God will stick with you as long as you stick with him. If you look for him he will let himself be found; but if you leave him he'll leave you". He also told him that for a long time Israel didn't have the real God. However, when they got in trouble they got serious about Him. And when they got serious about God; God allowed himself to be found (15:4). It was a crazy time. People all around them were at war and at each others throats. Azariah said this to Asa "But it's different with you: BE STRONG. TAKE HEART. PAYDAY IS COMING!!!! (vs 7) Asa heard all the Azariah had said. So he went to work, cleaning house again. Getting rid of all that wasn't pleasing to God. Through all of the craziness, he joined forces with those around him. They made a covenant to seek God WHOLEHEARTEDLY holding NOTHING BACK (12). They made this covenant with joy in their hearts (15). ANTICIPATING the BEST! They sought God-and HE SHOWED UP! Ready to be found. He gave them PEACE!!!!!

We have to always remember that God will NEVER leave us nor forsake us. If we want to find God, we are going to have to get serious about it. No more playing church, but LIVING it. It is time that we form a covenant with God, to follow Him NO MATTER WHAT! And do it with great joy in our hearts. And as we follow Him ANTICIPATING GREAT THINGS!!!! THE BEST! God wants nothing but the best for us. And when we seek Him, knowing He is waiting to be found. Along our journey knowing just like Asa, we aren't going to do it all right (vs 18). But if our heart is in the right place God WILL HAVE GRACE. He will know our intentions. And bless us abundantly!!!!

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