Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Really Funny Jett Story....

So last night all of my kids were at my moms house. I showed up to a neighborhood full of kids in their front yard. The kids were trying to be really nice for my mom, and plant some veggies for next year. Sweet ugh? Well, they decided that they were going to go next door to the neighbors garden. They all began to pick his left over habanero peppers. EEEEE hahhahahaha Connor and Caiden had no clue what they were messing with. They played with the peppers for a short time only to find out that they were really hot. ahhahaha About 15 mins after I got home, Caiden came running inside crying. No... Realllllly Crrryying ahhahaha He had picked his nose. hahahhaha Well the habanero pepper oil was all over his hands and now inside his nose. I should have been more compassionate towards him, but I just couldn't help but laugh. So we got a wash cloth full of water. Caiden then begins to suck the water through his nose to try to get the burn to go away. All to find out, it didn't work. So.... Mom to the rescue. I say hey lets fill the sink with water. Then we will stick his head in the water. Trying to figure out how we were going to get the burn to go away. We did just that. All the while he is still crying and I am holding back my laughter. I pick him up and he is doing a hand stand into the kitchen sink. His feet are to the ceiling and he begins to put his head into the water. I then LOSE IT!!!! Laughing so hard that I think my mom and I are going to die. The louder we laughed the madder he got. ahhahhahahhaha mean I know. I couldn't help it. Caiden was blowing into the water, to then suck the water back in. It could have made us a million dollars on Americas Funniest Home Videos. But, I didn't have a camera. So now you get the mental picture to laugh with me. hahahhaha Then about 10 mins later, Connor comes in yelling about his nose and eyes burning. Yep you got it, he had done the same thing. I am telling you, the Jetts can't keep there figures out of their noses. ahhahahha This will be a story they will tell for the rest of their lives. Only in the life of the Jett household. :) I love it!!!!


  1. Got 3 Teens that just as smart

  2. Soooo! adorable. My kids are raised, 18 and 20&1/2. Got a grandbaby girl on the way in March! :) The stories are what the best of life is made of!

    ~Becky, Gma 2 B