Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just talking/typing what I feel/think :)

Through the last year and a half, being as open and honest as I can has helped me. I have nothing to hide, so why not put it all out there. Life is full of adventure with 5 kids. I am dealing with a lot with each of them individually. Each one has their own set of issues. Some more challenging than others. I just try to prioritize their needs. Yet, take time for each of them. This hands down was the longest winter of my life. It was extremely depressing. I am glad that Spring is here. I love the sun shining and everything turning green. When I look at God's creation, I can't help but smile. Soccer has started for the kids. I am excited for the games to start. I love to watch each of them have a good time on the field. Each one of them put a big smile on my face. They have their moments of putting that occasional frown on my face as well. LOL We are hanging in there. I am ready to move out of this stage of my life. But, it is all still in God's timing not mine. I wish God would just send me a glimpse into my future. I would love to see what is a head. Well maybe haha I might be more scared if I knew. I am not sure where or what God is doing in and through my life. I want to be used by Him. I want people to see that my God is amazing in and through me. There are days that I would love to speak and others I think NO WAY, because of fear. In my walk with God there are days that I don't feel Him. There are days I totally see His hand on me and my family. I wish I could say when serving God, you will be a steady stream. But, it is not true. Every day is a challenge and a fight to overcome the obstacles of life. We fight not for what is here on earth, but that which is waiting for us in heaven. I am excited to get there one day!!!!

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